Every Sunday morning at 9:00 A.M., our growth groups meet.  We have growth groups for all ages.

Seedlings Growth Group

The Seedlings will be studying how God made our world and all that is in it.  They will also learn how we should be thankful for all that God has made.

Sprouts Growth Group 

The Sprouts will explore Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord over all. Children will explore every event in the Gospels: Jesus’ messages, miracles, passion, and triumphant resurrection. They will travel in the Holy Land alongside the Man who changed the course of human history! Immerse your children in Jesus’ life and ministry on earth, so your kids will desire to follow Him in all the years to come.

Teen Growth Group & Adult Growth Group 

When Jesus chose His first disciples, He didn’t choose ready-made spiritual giants. In fact, if you had known in those early moments that the men Jesus called as His apostles would eventually turn the world upside down with the gospel, you would have been in disbelief.

When you think of Peter, in particular, you probably think of an outspoken disciple who was spiritually immature, often petty and faithless, and severely lacking in spiritual understanding. And you would be right.

But over three and a half years of grace-filled investments, Jesus transformed Peter into the bold preacher of the gospel and early church leader that he became. How did Jesus do it? And does He still so completely change the lives of His followers today?

Join us as we follow Peter through the pages of the Gospels and discover how Jesus transformed this rough, outspoken fisherman into a faith-filled, passionate disciple of Christ in a hands-on classroom. And join Peter in learning how to become a fully-committed follower of Chris